The menu of our restaurant

Traditional Thai food


The menu of our restaurant consists of five starters and five traditional Thai dishes, but also five starters and five semi-gastronomic French dishes. Enjoy your meal !


Japanese egg, porcini mushrooms and truffles 19 €
Salmon gravlax with exotic fruits 19 €
Crispy octopus, flame corn 22 €
Bao with crab, shrimp, fish eggs 19 €
Nems with prawns 18 €
Nems with vegetables 16 €
Tom Yum soup 17 €
Thai chicken assortment for 2 people 34 €
Thai Salad Shrimps or Sea Bream 19 €




Crying tiger 38 €
Truffle pasta, roasted hazelnuts 29 €
Crispy veal sweetbreads, morel cream 36 €
Fried meager, risotto with Bottarga 28 €
Crispy Lacquered Duck 29 €
Panang wild shrimp curry 32 €
Pad Thai 26 €
Chicken with green curry and red curry in banana leaves 28 €


Baba with exotic fruits €11.50
Japanese pearls €9.50
Pavlova with red fruits €11.50 €
Mango Sticky Rice €10.50
Pastry of the day €11.50


Ice cream and sorbets: €8.50
Lychee, Matcha Green Tea, Choco Loco, Yuzu Lemon,
Black sesame, Cherry blossom, Mango-Passion,
Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate


First of all, we deliberately thought our card short, as it is a sign of freshness. Also, all our dishes are prepared in our kitchen and of course we only work fresh products …
You also have the opportunity to taste vegetarian dishes.

In addition, the restaurant is ideally located above Pointe Rouge beach in Marseille and our P.Kitchen has a verdant terrace with a breathtaking view of the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. Most of all, impeccable welcome and service allow you to enjoy your dinner, whether it be romantic, with friends, family or for business. We invite you to come discover the restaurant’s mix of traditional Thai food and semi-gourmet French cuisine while enjoying the casual chic atmosphere.